Red Rock Casino

Red Rock Casino & Spa, Las Vegas

Red Rock Casino

While we all love a spell in Vegas, there are benefits to going off The Strip, and Red Rock Casino and Spa which is on the outer edge of Sin City comes with a bit more charm and dare I say it, class, than you find is some of the behemoth casino- oh yes and it comes with a spa!

This luxurious complex is big; with 87,000 sq. feet of casino for you to explore and apart from a feast of table games, there are 60 different tables to choose between where you hone your skills on- after all, sometimes it good to change up from a diet of one hundred percent roulette.

Red Rock Casino and Spa knows how to play its cards right. For slot lovers out there there are over 2,000 of them to warm yourself up on before you take to the roulette tables.

Now roulette is what we’re here for of course and there are a reasonable number of tables at hand in the casinos four gaming pits which have a buzzy atmosphere without the industrial feel that some of the city’s casinos give off.

Now don’t go expecting miracles, this isn’t Paris, or even the Encore Boston roulette hall, so don’t expect to pick up a game of European roulette here- the action is strictly of the Las Vegas variety with all wheels featuring the double zero beloved of this city.

While there are plenty of table games to keep you busy, this place is best known for poker, it’s a big deal here- there’s even a dedicated poker room.

If you feel you have time away from the roulette tables to unleash your inner rock god then prepare to hang out at Rocks Lounge, a well-known spot for live music on the Sin City nightlife circuit. Overall the whole casino has a great informal feel to it, a bit like Barcelona Casino in Spain.

Where to Eat

Of this complex’s best known eateries, T-Bones Chop House (a steak house) is probably its best known and well-loved restaurant, although you’ll be spoilt for choice with 11 other places to check out.

Or if you prefer to mix your chill out time with a touch of money making fun then you can get comfy at the Sport Book where you can watch and bet on live sporting events to your heart’s content. This is one of the Red Rock’s biggest lures with a crazy big video wall to catch live events, a serous number of individual TVs and section for VIPs- if that’s your bag.

Water sports are real here with poolside blackjack on offer for those who like to tan while they game! And, if you don’t want to gamble poolside, there’s also a whole lot of water to make a splash in.

And there’s a spa with all the kit and caboodle you could wish for as you wind down after all that roulette session. Or if you want to relax in other ways you could try the movie theatre, bowling alley- or even a little thing called the Red Rock National Park- just a stone’s throw away!

So next time you feel like taking your casino playing off Vegas’ main drag prepare yourself for a whole different roulette playing experience in the chilled surroundings of this out of town gem.