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Chinese Roulette

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Chinese Roulette

It’s not every day that you see the game of roulette turned on its head as much as it has been thanks to Win System’s crazy new twist on everyone’s favourite table game with Chinese Roulette. This game, which is heavily influenced by Asian gambling, not only turns the roulette wheel pretty-much inside out, but it also has thought up a few creative turns that makes this a dramatically different game and something with appeal beyond Chinese gambling fans.

Chinese roulette

Look and feel

Is this the future of roulette in Asia? Probably not, but it’s an interesting concept and the punters are going to love those number eights. The big elephant in the room is the mind bogglingly different roulette wheel! Anyone who has spent time gambling in the Asia will know the potent good luck and mystery embodied in the number eight and W in Gaming. For this novel game they have fashioned the roulette wheel into a figure of eight with two intertwined circles and that’s just the start of this creative re-imagining of roulette-Asian style.

Contained within each loop of the “wheel” is an inner track made up of a menagerie of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals and within these are four Chinese characters representing the elements of wood, water, fire and metal. Now that really is a departure from traditional roulette!


Chinese Roulette’s wheel has 36 numbers and zero for your betting pleasure!

Chinese Roulette is a big creative gesture towards Chinese players and their style of gambling. With a twist to the usual online roulette games, the influences are more than just the look of the game as you’ll see once you start placing your bets.

For those of you who are a little superstitious about numbers, and who isn’t at times? – there’s a whole other set of characters to bet on with each of the animals from the traditional story of the zodiac here to mix up the betting fun- after all why should be fun be limited to a conventional race track set up? And of course you can also use those elements depicted by Chinese character letters to add yet another layer to your betting strategy.

And this game ups the ante when it comes to making things a little more interesting too, giving you and the house a chance for an extra gamble with a clever zero game. If the ball lands in the zero pocket then you get offered a playing card, if Lady Luck smiles on you, and its vale is a number eight or higher then get your bet amount back, but if it’s lower than eight then the house gets your bet.

All this innovation aside, and despite the game’s appearance, there is still classic roulette under all the extras for those of you want a more traditional game, but why would you given the scope that this game offers?


Chinese Roulette brings a heavy dose of Asia to this beloved table game and this dramatic make-over might be a step too far for some roulette fans but I found it pretty exciting.

Here Win Systems have just added a massive dollop of creativity to online roulette and perhaps this is a hint of things to come with the massive growth in the online gambling market particularly in Asia adding a growing influence into game design.

If you want a traditional game of roulette online look elsewhere, this is a game for those roulette fans who are interested in shaking things up!