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Jake Cody on the Roulette Wheel

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Jake Cody wins big on the roulette wheel

Most of us who like to gamble have a favourite game, whether it’s a spin on the roulette wheel, craps’ dice or a hand of poker – after all, a leopard doesn’t change its spots, does it? Well, all us creatures of habit like to change up the odds sometimes, although not all as successfully as the world-famous poker player Jake Cody, who decided to break the habit of a lifetime and try his hand at roulette with some spectacular results!

Jake Cody, is a very popular professional poker player from Rochdale, in the UK, is known for his cool demeanour, street style and of course his crazy success at the poker table.

Jake Cody wins £42k in a tournament & walks straight over to the roulette…

What happens next is legendary

— EditinKing Boxing (@EditinKing) …..

Fans of the poker demon will know that this one time student dropped out of university where he was studying psychology to pursue a professional career in the sport with spectacular success. He arrived in the gambling world with a bang, after being named Rookie of the Year (2006), and Poker Player of the Year (2010) at the European Poker Awards. Jake is also crazy for online poker. To date, it is thought, that Jake has amassed over £3m in winnings, not including his online playing!

With all the wins at the poker table behind him, none of us expected to find Jake winning a stack of cash at the roulette wheel, but that’s just what this mega talented gambler did, pulling off one of the biggest upsets of recent times at a roulette wheel! It’s not every day that a poker pro gambles his entire poker tournament winnings awarded for the Highest Roller on a single spin of the roulette wheel but that’s what Cody did!

jake cody roulette

After winning the High Roller trophy at the Partypoker UK Championships in February, rumours had gathered during the event that the pro was willing to do one crazy stunt for fun, it started as a joke but as more people heard about it, then the poker pro decided madly to go through with it and literally place his trophy, representing his £42,000 winnings, on black at the roulette wheel.

Mobile phone footage captured the tense moment when the stunt took place and this quickly went global, with nearly one million hits, showing the pro, surrounded by a group of excited fans, putting all his winnings, in the form of his trophy, on the table for a one spin gamble.

And it gets flukier still when Jake invited the Dusk Till Dawn casino boss, Rob Yong, to set the roulette ball in motion for the bet instead of the croupier, which he did!

Imagine the reaction of the crowd, Cody and Rob Yong, when the ball lands on 22 black, netting the young gun an eye-watering £85,340- now that’s enough to get any leopard to change its spots – right? So can we expect to see this fun-loving pro back at the roulette wheel anytime soon, after all, he clearly has Lady Luck on his side right?