Marvel Roulette

free rouletteMarvel Roulette was discontinued when the licensing agreement between Playtech and Marvel expired in 2017. The game as been replaced by the Age of the Gods roulette game which also feeds in to the progressive jackpots.

Best Casinos For Age of Gods Roulette
We list the best casinos for Playtech's Marvel Roulette below.

paddypower roulettePaddy Power Casino
€/£ 10 no deposit bonus, plus €/£ 500 match available at Paddy Power. Play Age of Gods Roulette here. 

bet365 roulettebet365
€/£ 100 bonus - play for the jackpot roulette here. Has one of the best bonuses for roulette players (in terms of wagering requirements).

Age of Gods Bonus
The Age of Gods Roulette wheel is a standard European Roulette wheel with one zero pocket with an additional pocket- which is the Marvel Bonus pocket. You could also describe it as an American Wheel with the 00 pocket replaced with the Marvel Bonus pocket I guess.

The point is, you are going to get the same odds when playing standard roulette bets, such as even money, columns, dozens, straight up numbers and so on, as you would do in American Roulette, and that´s because there are 2 pockets where you won´t get paid, just like American. So the house edge is 5.6%

The difference is the Age of Gods Bonus bet.

If you place a bet on the Age of Gods Bonus area and the ball lands in that pocket, you are taken to the Bonus round. It´s a bit like landing 3 scatter symbols on a slot round.

The Bonus round is a 3-reel side slot game that uses the same bet that you placed on the previous spin in your roulette game. The name of the game here is to get 3 identical Marvel symbols by spinning the reels. You have 3 spins to land them.

Then click Continue to get back to the main roulette game (a win is guaranteed).

Age of Gods Jackpot
The Age of Gods Mystery Jackpot is a multi-level progressive jackpot that you can play on all the Age of Gods games  like this roulette variant and the Furious Four slot, for example. A tiny proportion of bet you made in all the games across many online casinos in multiple countries feeds the progressive jackpots. Try it at Sky Roulette.

The Jackpot game will set off at random and can trigger after any spin in any of the games in the Agre of Gods Jackpot network. Even a losing spin in the main game can trigger it, but the odds of setting it off increase in line with your bet size. If it sets off, you will win one of the 4 jackpots. It´s the Ultimate Power jackpot that holds the really big money! 

The 4 different jackpots you can win are: the Power Jackpot, Extra Power Jackpot, Super Power Jackpot and the Ultimate Power Jackpot. If you get into this bonus game, you will be playing 20 squares which are facedown. Click on a square to reveal one of 4 jackpot symbols. You need to uncover 3 matching symbols to win the corresponding jackpot. Any winnings will then be added to your cash balance in the main game.

You need to pick the squares within the allocated time. If you do not, they will be automatically chosen for you.

The different jackpots build from the following amounts:

Power: €50
Extra Power: €500
Super Power: €5,000
Ultimate Power: €100,000

0.99% of each bet you make goes in to feeding the jackpot, all jackpots are in Euros.