Hi Stakes Roulette

free rouletteCheck out the Hi-Stakes Roulette demo clip below.
If you like to bet big, then test out this Hi-Stakes game from Sky Vegas roulette which has a table limit of up to £5000 on outside bets. Of course, you don't need to bet that high. In fact, you don't need to risk anything at all if you test the game out first on our free demo below. 

Hi Stakes Roulette. 

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Best Casino For Hi Stakes Roulette
We list the best casino for playing High Stakes Roulette- Bet Victor is where it's at! It's called "Standard Roulette" on this site.

120x60Bet Victor.
€/€/£ 200 bonus at Bet Victor on "Standard Roulette".
Play IGT Hi Stakes roulette here
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Minimum bet: £1
Maximum bet: £500 (inside bets), £5000 (outside bets like red/black, columns and dozens.

This variant will suit players who like to make their own bets manually- there isn't a "racetrack" option to lay down French call bets, - it's just a simple wheel with the standard roulette betting layout, but the game is fast and you can double your bets with the Double button- so will suit Martingale players.

In the options, you can select turbo mode, change the cloth colour and turn the sound on and off.

The roulette wheel graphics are 3D and the action is fast. It's not overly complicated, and for this reason we find ourselves coming back to play here (plus the Sky Vegas bonus policy is pretty fair to roulette players).

If you want more gizmos like stats, exotic bets and the ability to save your favourite betting profiles, then we'd recommend Roulette Professional (another Sky Roulette variant), or try Premier Roulette Diamond from Microgaming.

For high stakes roulette on your tablet or smartphone, try 888 mobile roulette.