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Hong Kong Tower

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Hong Kong Tower slot

The Hong Kong Tower slot is another masterpiece from Swedish design house: ELK Studios.

From the moment you fire this game up, you can tell it is going to be something special. All of the action takes places on the side of a glass skyscraper in Central, Hong Kong. In the background, you can hear the sounds of the city (ELK are great at setting the scene). The reels play out on the side of the tower and if you are lucky, you’ll head up too the roof for some big fat bonus rounds!

Hong Kong Tower Slot – How to Play it.

You can play this fantastic game above or head over to the Wombat Casino Hong Kong Tower Slot page where there is a free demo and a £200 bonus for new players.

The jackpot on this game goes as high as the Hong Kong Tower itself- all the way to 301,650 coins! Symbols include the Bauhinia flower (also known as the Hong Kong Orchid tree for its striking purple-red flowers, some golden yin-yang symbols, dimaonds, and some pretty neon designs. We’ve come to expect nice looking slots from ELK and this game doesn’t disappoint (it looks fantastic on a mobile too).

There are 99 Ways to Win on this game- effectively fixed pay-lines. Just select your total bet amount and off you go. Simple!


A breath of fresh air from ELK gaming. A vibrant, exciting slot that’s all lit up like a neon sign on Nathan Road in Kowloon.