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Which is the Best Evolution Roulette?

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We look at games like immersive, Lightning, Auto-Play and Dual Play.
Which is the best?

Evolution have stormed onto the online roulette scene with their package of Live Dealer and virtual roulette games. But which game is the best? Let’s take a look.

Immersive Roulette

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Probably the game that made their name was their Immersive Roulette live tables. When it was launched, this was a very innovative set up with multiple camera angles and slo-mo tricks to enhance the overall gaming experience.

It really does feel Immersive – you feel like you are right at the table, and this games remains very popular to day, it is probably still one of their top 3 games.

Lightning Roulette

The next big game to hit everyone’s screens was Lightning Roulette and this upped the entertainment factor even more. They built new studios with added “zap” and gave players the chance to win up to 500x their stake on a lightning side bet. This is all paid for by a lower payout on the single number bets however…. There is no such thing as a free ride on a roulette wheel!

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Having said that, this is a hugely entertaining game and probably Evolution Gaming’s most popular variant by some distance. That big 500x payout is a big draw.

Lightning has inspired a few copycats, such as Quantum Live Roulette from Playtech, but the original Evolution game is the best. You can also win up to 500x your bet on Inspired’s Space invaders roulette by the way- that is worth a flutter, pretty good fun.

Local Language Tables

One of the reasons behind the success of Evolution is that they offer live roulette games in multiple language flavours. They have studios with croupiers who sepak English, Italian, Swedish, German, Russian, Danish, French, Flemish, Turkish, Arabic, Norwegian, Spanish, Finish, Japanese and Romanian.

Dedicated Roulette Tables

The bigger brands like to keep their customers to themselves, so Evolution have developed a Dedicated Live Casino department that caters to that . So if you are loyal to one brand, just remember that the company powering the games may well be Evolution.

Speed Roulette

Many players like the authenticity of live dealer games but they still want to play fast as you would in a virtual game. Welcome to Speed Roulette! You have to make sure you have your wits about you on this game though as this turbo version of their Live Roulette takes just 25 seconds from spin to spin. That’s about half the time that it takes on a standard Live Roulette and Immersive Roulette game. You can pack more bets in a test your top roulette system faster.

Betting occurs during the spin meaning there’s no ‘down time’. The only danger is that you run an increased risk of making mistakes, so watch out for fat finger bets.

Instant Roulette

Another innoavtion, this time on live automatic wheels.

On Instant Roulette, Evolution have taken things to a new level to provide instant results. They run 12 individual and synchronised Auto Roulette wheels which spin pretty much constantly. Balls drop in one after the other across the set of dozen wheels.

Play at your own pace. When you hit the ‘PLAY NOW’ button, the wheel nearest to the next drop of the ball is automatically selected as your wheel for that game.

Dual Play

These tables are a mix of online and real land based casinos. Dual Play Roulette allow any land-based casino to stream and accept bets over the internet using Evolution’s advanced camera and sound installation suite. You are whisked off to the gaming floor of some of the planet’s most iconic casinos, where you play next to players in the establishment.

First Person

Not content with dominating the Live Dealer scene, Evolution have also launched an excellent suite of video roulette games called First Person Roulette. These super authentic RNG games have great immersive 3D animation and a ‘GO LIVE’ button should you wish to hit the live tables at any time.

You can play European, American and even Lightning variants in this mode.