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Lightning Spin Blockchain Roulette

Online Roulette Guide

July 2018

Lightning Spin Blockchain Roulette

You love online roulette, right? So, here’s something new and totally geeky that will give you a whole new game to play while placing you at the slap bang centre of some of the coolest new technology! Lightning Spin Blockchain Roulette is an online roulette game with a difference. It’s at the other end of the technology spectrum to the Casino Royale boat, currently resting under quite a few feet of water.

It’s a geek fest!

Lightning Spin Blockchain Roulette

It’s one of those days when I’m about to come over all geeky so, let’s talk for just a second about blockchains. What, I hear you ask, are they? Well, a blockchain is a very clever way of making a list of records of transactions of value, for example of crypto currencies like, Bitcoin. A blockchain combines cryptography (making codes) and maths to make Open Data Transactions- checkable transactions which reduce fraud and change the way we make transactions making third parties, like a bank potentially, redundant! We’re turning the world on its head, just to give you the most secure and cutting-edge roulette game imaginable!

Lightning Spin is an online roulette game that you can play using the famed Bitcoin and its Lightning payment system- thus the name.

So far, only a small number of players have had a go at this remarkable game, there have only been just over 28,000 spins of the wheel so far, it’s a world first, but we know that you like to know all the latest clever stuff.

It’s roulette, but not as you know it!

This isn’t a game that looks like roulette except for the rudimentary circular wheel with regular lines instead of pockets, after all, unlike many online roulette games; Lightning Spin doesn’t go with the ball and wheel approach! You still need to keep the roulette fun, but that’s about where the similarities end.

This isn’t a game that you play for the good looks, think of a super simplistic screen with basic lines and very limited visual appeal – but it is intriguing and clearly the future of gaming for some.

To play you need to load up your Lightning Network wallet and once you’ve done this you’re ready to start the Lightning Spin Roulette game.

On the left of the wheel is all the betting information, the number of Satoshis, the units of Bitcoin, you are wagering, and then the multiplier you want to use for your game. Once you enter your wager and your multiplier the clever game estimates the potential win on offer- its temping and oh, so, smart stuff!

To kick off the action, the minimum bet is 1,000 Satoshis, and at the time of writing the maximum bet was 100,000.

Within the wheel is the word “Spin” which you click to start your game. Once you hit the button, the wheel starts to turn and is slowed down by a black flipper that gradually slows and finally stops the wheel at a particular line; hopefully your target multiplier, if so you win!

Blockchain safe

The whole joy of the blockchain approach is that your money is safe. The game used the stringent and third party checked Provably Fair system- which does what is says on the tin. After your win you can press a “withdraw” button that credits your wallet with the dosh.

Lighting Spin Roulette is for the early adopters among you, those people who like to try out something new and outside their usual gaming.


Lightning Spin Roulette might not be a game for those who love the walnut veneer or the pill in motion around the wheel in a land based casino but its simplicity and the sheer crazy edginess of the game will definitely earn it an enthusiastic fan base, and let’s face it, this is just the beginning!