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Blaze Roulette from Huxley

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Is this the fanciest roulette table on the market? It could be.

Premium Plus Roulette

Blaze Roulette drags this ever popular game into the space age. The table features an LED Lightbox beneath the gaming table, so that the House can project high quality, engaging animations, gaming prompts and information on numbers that land.

TCS John Huxley has taken out a global patent for this system: this makes Blaze one of a kind.

Maximum Entertainment

The animations create a great atmosphere around the winning numbers and light sequences on the betting table help guide dealers and customers alike through the game phases.

LED Surface Technology

Huxley have developed the table with LEDs so the whole set up is energy efficient with a long operating life.

A Winning Combo with Saturn

If you pair the Blaze roulette table with the Huxley Saturn™ Glo Roulette Wheel, you get an even more sci-fi experience. The table is compatible with all Huxley Roulette Wheel and Winning Number Displays.

TCS John Huxley Ltd has installed several products in its Blaze LED casino technology range (including Blaze roulette) at the Okada Manila gaming resort in the Philippines. They have also installed Blaze Sic Bo. They have teamed the roulette tables up with Saturn Glo Roulette” wheels- they look fantastic!