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Who's Going to Be the Next Bond Girl?

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A horde of hopefuls…

Now that Daniel Craig has announced that he will be returning to our screens as James Bond in 2019, heads are turning to see who is going to accompany him on the roulette table as his leading lady. Who is going to be the next Bond Girl? Bond is renowned for being a ladies man, often having more than one love interest per film. With actresses such as Lea Seydoux in Spectre and Eva Green in Casino Royale, the next female has a lot to live up to if she is going to be of interest to Mr Bond. With many actresses taking Hollywood by storm at the moment, it is difficult to make a prediction of exactly who will be chosen for this prestigious role.

Next Bond Girl

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The solution? Explore all of Bond’s love affairs to date (yes, that does total up to 72 women) and analyse their most outstanding characteristics. Based on the data collected, a prediction of who will play 007’s lady can be made.

The Next Bond Girl’ has been created to provide fans and film fanatics the answer. Seven categories were taken into account when narrowing down on what Bond’s type of woman naturally is. Age, hair colour, most common film genre and nationality were the most important attributes, closely followed by height, the length of their career and the number of titles the actress had appeared in before Bond.

Based on this, an average was calculated for each; 28, brown, drama, English, 170cm, 9 and 7.

With the anticipation of guessing who will be announced being almost too much to bare, a top 10 list of who is most likely to take on the role has been formulated. Using all of the data and a special weighting system that gave each attribute a point based on their order of importance, the results are:

1 Alicia Vikander with 134 points
2 Rachel Hurd-Wood with 130 points
3 Elarica Gallacher with 124 points
4 Lily Collins with 124 points
5 Sophie Cookson with 120 points
6 Emma Watson with 117 points
7 Emilia Clarke with 106 points
8 Emily Ratajkowski with 106 points
9 Daisy Ridley with 102 points
10 Kaya Scodelario with 84 points

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Swedish actress and the upcoming Lara Croft, Alicia Vikander took the top spot as the most likely to take on the role of a Bond girl. She scored the highest with the most highly rated attributes of age, hair colour and and is right on target with her most common genre of film. Vikander was closely followed by Beautiful Devils (2016) star Rachel Hurd-Wood who came in at 130 points with the ideal height and most popular film genre.

Sophie Cookson is right on the halfway mark with 120 points, as although her hair colour and nationality are right on target, she misses out on the most popular film genre and average age.

The predictions have now been made… all that is left to do is wait for the official announcement to discover which girl is going to secure the role as 007’s mistress. Place your bets now.