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Have you heard of Blockchain roulette? Well, a company called has just launched one called WinWin roulette which you play with a cryptocurrency called Ethereum which seems to be the new poster boy of the Cryptos.

We know you can play Bitcoin roulette – which is pretty easy to understand- you just play roulette with Bitcoin rather than, say a Visa card or Paypal. But Blockchain roulette. What is that? My head hurts!

Essentially, just like Bitcoin is a decentralised way of moving money around (there is no hub or central server where all of the information is stored, rather it “exists” on the cloud)- Blockchain roulette offers a decentralised way of betting on the wheel without having to connect to a particular server. It’s all there on the cloud hosted by other users. is the company behind this blockchain game and their latest offering is the ‘Win-Win Roulette’ platform. You play with RLT Tokens which you buy with Ethereum and the game gives you the chance to earn dividends as you play- a neat idea in which the players themselves profit from other people playing.

You can win big bonuses in RLT cryptocurrency tokens and gain a share of dividends from the company. This is fuelling an increase in the value of the RLT tokens The betting platform runs on blockchain technology and uses Ethereum smart contracts to deliver fair gaming.

The Win-win Roulette launch follows their European Roulette (Blockchain) launch in February 2017.

All players with at least 1000 RLT tokens will be included in the list of players eligible for dividends from the game’s profits. In the first 2 months of the dividend program, they paid out over 467 ETH (over $100,000 at June’s exchange rate).

You can trade RLT tokens is on Livecoin – a cryptocurrency exchange. You can trade RLT Tokens for USD, RUR, BTC, and ETH.

The other big appeal to Win-Win roulette and Blockchain roulette in general, is that there is no need to sign up or register. You just buy Roulette Tokens and play.

Fair Gaming

The developers are claiming that they have developed a rock solid product based on fair gaming principles that are adhered to in the wider online casino market. Because they use of Ethereum smart contracts on the games- the results are fully transparent. The blockchain-based smart contracts also means that there is limited or no interference from the game provider.

RLT Dividends

RLT tokens (Roulette tokens) are both tradable cryptocurrencies and a digital share on the SmartRoulette platform. There are 3 ways of getting hold of RLT crypto at the moment.

1. By playing the game, you will get up to 3% returns in RLT tokens on each bet;

2. You can buy RLT tokens on cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Livecoin and Bittrex (coming soon)

3. Or you may get RLT tokens from the promotions, bonus and bounty campaigns run by

If you hold on to over 1000 tokens you will get regular dividends, which you can trade for other currencies on cryptocurrency platforms or you can use them to play SmartRoulette.

Interesting, eh? Did you understand that? The basic summary is this:


1. You can play SmartRoulette with a Cryptiocurrency called RLT Tokens. Think of these as chips- there are exchanges where you can swap them for USD, RUR, Bitcoin or Ether (Another Cryptocurrency).

2. The roulette is a blockchain game, which means that the results are ultimately transparent and the games are played across the cloud rather than with one particular comapny on one server. It’s decentalised.

3. If you hold more than 1000 RLT Tokens, you will also get dividends from the profits of the game. This is to encourage people too invest in RLT Tokens to stabilise gthe price and hopefully increase their value with respect to other currencies.