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Smart Live Loses Licence

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UK Gambling Commision Suspend Smart Live Gaming Licence
August 8 2016

The UK Gambling Commision has moved against TV roulette and Internet operator Smart Live Gaming pending a review into the gaming operator’s business. It’s not that clear why they have done it (I guess we will find out after the review), but there are rumours that the company has not been paying winnings promptly.
The action against this live online roulette and TV operator was announced at the end of last week on Friday 5th. THE UKGC quoted section 116 of the Gambling Act 2005 based on the regulator’s belief that the operator is “unsuitable to carry on the licensed activities (section 120(1)(d) of the Act)”.

Those sections are the bits that lay out what the process is for suspending the licence- it still doesn’t make it clear what the issue is.

The UKGC has suspended Smart TV’s remote operating license and general betting standard operating license. as an “interim measure”.

Smart Live has been instructed to pay out any outstanding wins and return any open balances to players.

Smart TV has been operating since 2007 through the telly and on the Internet with 7 UK-licensed sites:,,,,, and Smart Live Roulette is still displaying its Malta licence, but the UK licence has been removed.

We advise you to avoid this casino until the review has been completed.
It’s not clear why the licence has been suspended, but typical reasons include:

– Inability to pay winnings owed (funds not ring-fenced from business operating expenses)
– Complaints from players
-Questions raised about the management of the company

As soon as we have further information, we will post it up.