iPad Roulette

ipad rouletteiOS ipad rouletteThe first iPad hit the shelves in April 2010. Can you believe that? It seems like they have been around for longer. The first model was pretty thick and clunky- then more recent iPad models, the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, were available to buy in October 2014 and were available for pre-order on October 17.  Safe to say, they are no longer thick and clunky!

The functionality of iPads has flipped the whole world upside down for games developers. Great casino games now make full use if the swipe, zoom, pinch and all the other design features of these top end tablets.

So which mobile casino sites have the best roulette games and casino apps? Some newer sites like LeoVegas Casino have been designed for iPads and iPhones from the bottom up. Read on, as we run through the best of the best. We also have a section on the best Mac Roulette sites if you also have an iMac or MacBook.

Best iPad Casinos
The best mobile casinos and roulette apps make full use of the iPad's capabilities to deliver engaging, visually stimulating roulette games that are easy and enjoyable to play. Sky Casino deserves a special mention as a fine example for what can be achieved on the iOS devices, whether you are on the full size tablet or the iPad Mini.

** For the Sky Casino iOS roulette iPad app - Click HERE **

sky casino mobile roulette app1 Sky Casino
Download the Sky Casino iOS app for iPad and iPhone Roulette)- there's £20 free on offer followed by a £500 match bonus.

ladbrokes mobile roulette2 Ladbrokes | Review
For Playtech roulette we recommend Ladbrokes - thay have a great roulette variant that runs fast on a Safari or Chrome mobile browser. Plus there'a a £500 bonus.

paddy power mobile roulette3. Paddy Power for iPad
Paddy Power is another company that now develops their games thinking of mobiles and tablets first. You can bet on the sport here as well, of course (Bet in Play)

roulette4. Betfair | Review
Betfair Casino focuses much of its development in Apple devices- they've worked out that iPads are where the money is, so that's where the resource goes. Good roulette games.

roulette5. bet365 mobile
You may have noticed a theme here. the big sports betting brands like bet365, Paddy Power and Laddies all excel when it comes to iPad games, because it's a very popular sports betting platform too.

roulette6. 888 Mobile Casino
888 offers a different variant that is very fast, if you want to play soemthing a little bit different to the Microgaming and Playtech games. They accept Paypal roulette bets as well. A big name with some big games.

roulette7. Casino.com | Review
For a bigger choice of bonus offer on your iPad, try Casino.com, which has a selection of offers (the standard offer to high roller) that should suit most players. Their mobile roulette renders well in iPads and iPad Minis.

History of the iPad

Apple began marketing the first iPad in March 2010. This was a pretty heavy, thick device, but it is no exaggeration to say that it changed the game as far as personal computing was concerned. The cynics didn't think that there was a market for a tablet this size. Well, fast forward to today, and Apple have invented a whole new market.

Apple sold 300,000 iPads on the first day they went on sale! Not bad.

The iPad 2 was launched by the late Steve Jobs himself, a year later in March 2011. This new generation tablet was more akin to the machines that we use today- it was a third thinnner and around 15% lighter than the original iPad.

It also sported front and back cameras and a gyroscope (used primarily by games developers).

The next iPad 2 came out in March 2012, a year later. Apple CEO Tim Cook presented this time. The new tablet now had a Retina Display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels,

The development then speeded up, as in October 2012, Apple launched the fourth iPad and iPad Mini which had a 7.9 inch screen, and which was launched to compete with many of the successful smaller Android tablets like the Nexus 7 from Google and Kindle Fire from Amazon.

In October 2013, Apple launched the fifth version of their tablet: the iPad Air, and the 2nd version of the iPad Mini, called, unsurprisingly, theiPad Mini 2.

Then, in October 2014, Apple launched the iPad Air 2. A superb machine that is perfect for games players!