Mobile European Roulette

Click on the Video below to see the mobile European roulette demo.

On this page we are putting Playtech´s Mobile European Roulette (also called Classic Roulette) through its paces. We tested this on a Google LG Nexus 6P phone which has a pretty large screen- 5.5" to be precise. We played this from the Paddy Power mobile roulette selection.

This video demo show the game in landscape mode. You can also play it in portrait mode- in fact it is one of the best games for playing in portrait- amny of the mobile variants you see only work in landscape- not so easy if you like to play one handed, but not a problem for those of you on a tablet.

Video Demo

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Many mobile roulette variants require you to play them in landscape mode- this gives the designers a bit more space to play around with, and it´s a comfortable way to play too, so no complaints from us on that front. However, with this variant, you can play in portrait mode which might suit some players, if you like to play one handed for instance.

PaddyPower have 2 roulette variants. Classic Roulette and Mobile Roulette Premium series. We´ll post up a review of the second game on this section.

To bet, you swipe down and you´ll see a full screen betting table. Tap the chips to change denomination (from 0,01 to 25) and then tap the screen to place your bets. It can be a bit fiddly to place some of the inside bets like a street bet or a corner bet, but in general the size if fine unless you have fat fingers (watch out for those Fat Finger Bets!)

If you make a mistake, just hit the Clear Table button (clears all bets) or the Clear One button (clears your last bet). Then hit "Spin" and away you go

As soon as you hit spin, the screen automatically scrolls up to the wheel and you will see the spin played out. The historical results are displayed down the side of the betting table.

No Call Bets
On this game, you can only make standard bets- there is no option to place any of the Call Bets, with a racetrack betting area, for example. Unless you make them manually of course with single number bets and split bets where needed (you can find out how to manually place all of the call bets like Voisins du Zero and Tiers du Cylindre in our roulette bets section).

The RTP% on this game is 97.3%

If you prefer to play your roulette in portrait mode, then this is the game for you. It´s a very well designed mobile European roulette game that minimises those Fat Finger bets. Once you get onto a bigger screen such as a Galaxy tablet or iPad (or even a phablet), the risks of making a bet by mistake are very low, but always play carefully on your mobile because the risk is there.

The only downsides to this game are the fact that you can only make standard roulette bets here- there is no Racetrack betting options for the likes of the Orphelins bet and the Neighbour´s bet, and so on.

We also found it a bit annoying that the chips are left on the table after the wheel has been spun and the result called- so you are forced into riding your bet over. You need to clear your bets each time, but this is a small compalint- it´s not that big a deal, and I guess it´s a good habit to get into in any case.