Android Roulette Apps - Free Play

If you want to play roulette on your Android phone, you've got quite a few options. First off, you could play real play mobile roulette in your mobile browser on your phone. The roulette games are getting really good now- we especially like the Premium game at Betfred roulette- it even has a racetrack for call bets.

Play Real Play Mobile Games at bet365- a roulette player friendly casino

Your other option is to download a real play casino app- Paddy Power mobile is probably your best bet here. The bet365 app is also good, although you will need to temporarily disable the security settings on your phone, as you´ll be downloading this from bet365 not the Google Play Store.

And then, there are plenty of free play roulette apps in Google Play, which you can download for free. You can't play for real money on these (who knows, they might change that in the future). They are more like Facebook roulette apps where you play with "fun chips" and you play alongside other players in the app.

That's what we are going to take a look at here- the best Android roulette apps (free play).
These are surprisingly good- the only annoying thing we found was that ads keep popping up while you play, but then this is how they make their money I guess as the games aren't real money.

Roulette Royale App
You play Roulette Royale in Landscape Mode
roulette royale

The game downloads pretty quickly and the graphics are pretty good. The layout has been well thought out too. It cleverly flips between the betting table and the wheel, and you can check your stats versus other players (kind of like a roulette tournament). You'll be assigned a "current net worth". You can switch between European and American table types in the settings (choose the European Roulette table for the best odds). You can switch the sound on and off (the music is kind of cheesy- sort of hotel lobby jazz (nice). You can even choose how many players you want at the table with you.

If you are successful on the wheel you can buy stuff like Rolex watches, limos, yachts etc They are all virtual of course!

A really neat design, and they have done the social stuff really well, so you can see what other players are up to. The design is so much better that some of the Facebook apps we have seen. Even some of the real play roulette designers could take a few cues from this game!

The only annoying this is the pop up ads that keep coming up.