1p Roulette - Low Stakes

1p rouletteIf you are looking for a punt on roulette, but don't particularly want to risk a lot of money, then there are plenty of low risk roulette games about. We're not all high rollers! Nothing wrong with that.

One of the lowest risk roulette games we have come across is over on Ladbrokes Casino- it's their low stake 1p roulette.

Game Information

Low stakes roulette is a 37 number European variant. The rules are exactly the same as some of the High Stakes games you'll find here. The only difference is that the minimum bet is 1p!

This makes it an ideal training ground for those players who are new to the game, but want to play for real money (well pennies), rather than just practice on free roulette games.

You get all the same excitement for a small change bet (well, OK, maybe there is more adrenaline involved when you are making £10 bets).

Minimum bet is 1p
Maximum bet is £3,000

The theoretical average return to player (RTP), or the payout is 97.27%. The payout is expected payback of the game over the long term which is measured by an independent testing company. If you take the payout away from 100%, this gives you the house edge- so 2.73% in this case.

Of course, where there are low stakes, there are also high stakes.

Ladbrokes also run a High Stakes roulette game which has the big time casino experience for high rollers. The chips go all the way to £500 chips, giving you a theoretical win of £18,000 for a straight up bet of £500 on a single number. But be careful. There are 37 numbers on the wheel. You'll have to be lucky to bet on one number and land it straight away.

Ladbrokes has plenty of other variants including 3D Roulette, Double Action, French, Roulette Multiball, Zodiac, Lucky Star, 3 Wheel Roulette and a Double Bonus Spin variant.

You are, as they say, spoilt for choice for variants.